smt-line2Visonicom is a China ODM/OEM manufacturer of wireless routers, 3g mifi router hotspots, 3g modem data cards, WiFi adapters, wireless VDSL/ADSL modem routers, powerline adapters, wireless AP and repeaters, outdoor CPE, and multimedia products such as WiFi display adapters, bone-conduction Bluetooth headphones, etc.

Since 1999, Visonicom Technology Corporation Limited, a high-tech conglomerate dedicated in networking and consumer electronics developing and manufacturing, with two ISO9001-certified manufacturing bases of over 40,000 square meters and 2,000+ staff in Shenzhen and Dongguan, China, has been one of the leading players in his industries.

Thanks to and benefit from the every-changing development of technology in networking and consumer electronics, Visonicom gradually released a series of networking products such as LAN cards (1999), modems (1999), Ethernet switches (2001), broadband IP routers (2003), WLAN adapters (2004), ADSL modem routers (2004), wireless AP/routers (2004), 3G modems (2007) and routers (2008), powerline communication products (2012); and multimedia products such as HD players, OTT boxes, WiFi display dongles, bone-conducted bluetooth headsets, etc.

Visonicom keeps substantial investment in his manufacturing facilities especially in R&D, engineering, manufacturing force, and QC system. Visonicom strives to deliver quality and stylish, inventive networking devices and consumer electronics products to users around the globe in over 120 countries with over 100 ODM/OEM brands. Visonicom products are always the first choice as his recognition worldwide with praise, and recommendations from customers and end-users.

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